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Discover the jobs of the future in the road haulage industry

Truck drivers are at the heart of our economy, moving products across the country.

By joining this dynamic industry, you’ll become part of a community that supplies society with the goods we consume every day.

Behind every product you consume, there are people like you who manage, coordinate and transport it to the store.

Dive into the various exciting professions you can build your career around, and discover the professionalcollege and university training programs that will give you the skills you need.

The trucking industry needs you, and by joining it, you could make a difference!


of employees work full-time, year-round


of employees have permanent jobs

Would you like to be an agent of change in an exciting field?

Join a dynamic industry and discover careers that let you put your creativity and innovative spirit to work! Whether you’re looking for stability, new challenges or simply a rewarding experience, the industry offers a wide range of opportunities to help you find your way and realize your full potential.

Heavy truck driver is certainly the industry’s top job! Discovering new horizons and contributing to the economy are just some of the benefits of this job. There are plenty of positions to be filled throughout Quebec.

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Mechanics require precision, and your passion for this field will shine through as you play a key role in maintaining vehicle quality, safety and performance. Several job openings are available throughout the province of Quebec.

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Do you have great organizational skills? Goods handling plays an essential role in supply chain management. In road haulage in particular, handling is omnipresent: loading trucks, temporary storage in warehouses, unloading trucks when products are delivered.

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Do you like solving problems and finding solutions ?

Jobs in Operations & Logistics give you the opportunity to play a central role in the success of the supply chain!

This sector of industry involves coordinating and managing the flow of material goods, from production to the point of consumption and, in some cases, in the opposite direction too.

The aim is to manage everything to do with the transport and storage of the company’s products, optimizing their circulation to minimize costs and lead times.

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Use your planning, organization and decision-making skills to contribute to the efficient management and development of the trucking industry. These careers offer an opportunity to evolve in a dynamic environment and play a crucial role in the industry’s growth.

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A growing sector

In recent years, the road haulage industry has experienced significant growth. Its GDP has increased by $1.3 billion (+18%) over the past decade.

The trucking sector is primarily responsible for this increase, underlining the importance of the trucking industry to the Quebec economy. Attractive prospects are opening up for professionals like you, in search of stable and rewarding careers.

Get on board the trucking industry!

The trucking industry offers a multitude of advantages for those who want to build a solid and rewarding career.

Join the trucking industry!

The trucking industry provides a wealth of benefits for those who want to build a strong and fulfilling career.

A wide range of career opportunities

A multitude of varied roles, opportunities for growth and development are available.

Whether you want to progress in a specific role or explore different areas of expertise, there are many paths open to you.

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Travel opportunities

Whether you prefer to explore local roads or go on adventures further afield, the trucking industry lets you develop your skills while traveling.

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Whether you’re looking for a regular schedule or flexible, atypical hours, the industry offers options to suit your preferences.

Training and learning opportunities

Whatever your level of education, you can easily enter the trucking industry. Institutions and companies offer specialized training and apprenticeship programs.

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Attractive terms and condition

Discover a stimulating work environment that values your expertise and commitment. Many companies offer competitive salaries and flexible working hours.

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Employment stability

The trucking trades are vital to the economy, ensuring a constant demand for skilled labor.

Find the training course that suits you best

Find out in detail what each profession entails and how you can choose the educational path that best matches your aspirations. From 5-month vocational diplomas to college and university training, not forgetting the Work-Study option.