Senior executive

The trucking company executive plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates, through middle management, all company operations. He or she formulates, alone or in conjunction with a board of directors, the company’s guiding policies.

Job description

  • Establish the company’s objectives and formulate or approve its policies and programs
  • Authorize and organize the establishment of the company’s main departments and the creation of related senior positions
  • Allocate the human, material and financial resources required to implement the company’s policies and programs, establish administrative and financial controls, formulate and approve promotional campaigns, and approve the overall human resources management plan.
  • Selecting middle managers, directors and other executives
  • Coordinate the work of company divisions or departments
  • Represent the company, or delegate representatives to act on the company’s behalf, in negotiations or other official functions

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Between 39 520 $ and 164 480 $

Ideal profile

  • Visionnairy
  • Efficient communicator
  • Ability to set expectations
  • Management skills
  • Political intuition
  • Strong interpersonal skills


Professional training at university or college level


  • A university degree or college diploma in engineering, business administration, commerce or another discipline related to the company’s product is usually required.
  • Several years’ experience as a middle manager in the goods production, utilities, transportation or construction sectors are usually required.
  • It is possible to specialize in a particular field or product by acquiring either experience, or specific university or college training
  • Senior finance executives are usually required to hold a professional accounting designation

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