Want to take control of your life? Then get behind the wheel and take to the roads to transport the goods that are essential to our daily lives.

Profile description

If you have an adventurous spirit and love to hit the road, if you’re willing to make a real difference in people’s lives through concrete actions. As a truck driver, you must be self-reliant and respect laws and regulations in all circumstances. You must be able to withstand stress and fatigue. In addition, the ability to deal with the unexpected, ingenuity and vigilance are essential.

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Truck drivers transport goods over short or long distances for a variety of companies, from manufacturing to distribution and moving. They operate straight trucks or semi-trailers, covering urban, intercity, provincial or international routes. Employed by transportation, manufacturing, distribution companies and trucking employment service agencies, they are essential players in the supply chain.

The trucking industry is an interesting, challenging and constantly evolving field. The job prospects for this profession are very good.

According to a recent study by HR Trucking Canada (RH Camionnage Canada – RHCC), the situation in Canada and Quebec in 2022 was as follows: there were 25,560 vacancies for heavy vehicle drivers in Canada, including 5,490 drivers in Quebec. Quebec is the 2nd most affected province, with the highest number of drivers in demand (22%).

There’s room for a road enthusiast like you!


Class 1 Truck driver

Have you held a valid Class 5 licence for at least 2 years? You could be behind the wheel of your new life in no time.

Class 3 Truck driver

A short training course will get you on the road in less than 6 months.

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Maintaining and repairing, you’ll make sure that equipment (vehicles and trailers) is in good condition to keep everyone safe on the roads.


Handle, move, load and unload materials by hand or using various handling equipment.

Operations / Logistics

Efficiently coordinate and manage operations and logistics within a transport company.