The Director plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates, under the direction of a General Manager or other senior manager, the operations of transportation companies or services. The Freight Movement Transport Manager plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates, under the direction of a General Manager or other senior manager, the movement of goods. He or she works in freight forwarding and transportation companies, shipping agencies and in the shipping departments of retail, manufacturing and utility companies.

Job description


  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a transportation company
  • Define departmental policies and standards, including safety and dangerous goods handling procedures, and ensure compliance with transportation regulations
  • Oversee the allocation of road vehicles, ships or aircraft
  • Control the company or department budget, including acquisitions
  • Monitor company or department performance, prepare reports for senior management, and plan schedule and policy changes
  • Recruit and train staff
    Transport Director – Freight Movement
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of a company or department responsible for coordinating, planning and controlling the movement of goods
  • Arrange for the dispatch of documentation and monitor and trace shipment schedules and the movement of goods in transit
  • Define performance targets, oversee rate setting for transportation services, and monitor revenues
  • Develop plans and procedures for the transportation and storage of goods
  • Negotiate services and preferential rates with carriers, warehouse operators and insurance company representatives
  • Monitor department budget
  • Recruit and train staff

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Between 35 360 $ and 127 360 $

Job opportunities

Considering the expected evolution of labor demand and the unemployment situation at the start of the period, the outlook for labor market integration is satisfactory.


  • Transportation Manager – Operations
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or engineering is usually required
  • Several years of experience in transportation operations are usually required, including supervisory experience
  • Extensive supervisory and driving experience may substitute for academic credentials
  • A certificate of qualification as a
  • Driver in a particular mode of transport, such as Truck Driver, is usually required.
  • Transportation Manager – Freight Movement
  • High school diploma required
  • Completion of a college or university program in business administration or transportation management may be required
  • Several years of clerical or hands-on administrative experience and experience in freight operations are required.

Ideal profile

  • Effective communicator
  • Ability to set expectations
  • Management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills


Professional training at university or college level

Future outlook

  • General manager of a transport company

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