The dispatcher operates radios and other telecommunications equipment to dispatch vehicles and coordinate the activities of drivers and other personnel. He determines, negotiates, prepares and organizes the movement (national and international) of goods and people, and seeks the best value for money. He performs supervisory tasks, inventory management, warehousing and sales of transportation services. He/she implements the various stages of the logistics process (e.g. purchasing, transportation, customs clearance and distribution).

Job description

  • Plan trips
  • Identify travel orders
  • Evaluate the need for equipment and personnel to fulfill orders
  • Select vehicles and equipment required for trips
  • Plan trip itineraries and schedules
  • Dispatch drivers for trips
  • Provide drivers with the information and documents they need to complete trips
  • Monitor compliance with vehicle itineraries and schedules during trips
  • Monitor drivers’ compliance with company rules and procedures
  • Make any necessary arrangements in the event of unforeseen circumstances
  • Supervise drivers during trips
  • Update trip data
  • Check travel documents when drivers return home
  • Transmit information
  • Provide customer support

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Between 27 040 $ and 60 320 $

Future outlook

  • Operations Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Prevention and Vehicle Training Manager

Job opportunities

  • 89.2% of graduates are employed
  • Unemployment rate in this sector: 0.0
  • Considering the expected evolution of labor demand and the unemployment situation at the beginning of the period, prospects for integration into the job market will be good.


  • Diploma of Collegial Studies in Transportation Logistics Techniques (2,445 hours)
  • Attestation of College Studies in Multimodal Transportation Logistics Techniques (1,560 hours)
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, logistics option

Ideal profile

  • Motivated by problem solving
  • Interest in road transport regulations
  • Knowledge of computer tools
  • Strong interest in action, dynamic environments, movement and change


High school graduate

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