Work-study programs

What could be better than learning the trade on the job?

The work-study model

As part of the work-study program, a company signs a contractual agreement with the Vocational Training Center (centres de formation professionnelle) to select a group of candidates. The aim is to train a cohort of eight students, who will be supervised by the training institute teachers, directly on the premises of the participating company.

Once they have mastered certain skills, participating students will be paired with company driver instructors. During this phase, specific objectives will be set, and you’ll have the opportunity to observe and drive the company’s trucks in the presence of its experienced members. This work experience period will be spread over four weeks, alternating between the last eight weeks of your training. This hands-on approach will enable you to gain first-hand experience while continuing your intensive training.

If you’re interested in work-study programs, we encourage you to contact the CFTC (Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg) or the CFTR (Centre de formation en transport de Saint-Jérôme) for more information. 

The work-study model is a remarkable opportunity for people who want to make a smooth professional transition while remaining active in the job market.

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