A variety of jobs in industry

The road transport industry is full of challenges.

When we think of trucking, we immediately think of truckers and mechanics but dispatching and logistics coordination also play an essential role. 

The industry offers a range of professions, from traditional office jobs such as human resources, accounting, finance and IT, to more technical occupations.

Less well known, but just as crucial, are areas such as transport compliance, safety and risk management..  


Want to take control of your life? Then get behind the wheel and take to the roads to transport the goods that are essential to our daily lives.


You maintain, repair and ensure that equipment is in good condition to keep everyone safe on the roads.


A variety of exciting jobs await you in the field.

Operations / Logistics

You play a variety of crucial roles in the effective management and coordination of operations and logistics within the organization.

Management / Administration

In this role, you’ll encounter a variety of functions essential to effectively managing and coordinating organizational operations.