Choose your way in the trucking industry

About Choose your way

Our mission is ambitious: to pass on our passion for the road haulage industry, and to help those who wish to join the industry to find the right training and the job of their dreams.

The Choose your way site helps students and people of all backgrounds discover our professions, the training available and the job offers best suited to their career paths and ambitions.

Faced with the challenges of a shortage of manpower, we are committed to promoting our industry and equipping guidance counsellors to better inform job seekers about the prospects available.

An alliance between the industry's key players to get the message across

A number of players are active in raising the profile of our industry among job seekers, some offer training, others match industry needs with educational establishments.

So we’ve joined forces to spread a common message: the trucking industry is changing, and we need you!

Each partner plays a valuable role in your journey:

The Fondation pour la formation en transport routier (Foundation for road transportation training) : in collaboration with its partners, awards over 30 scholarships to transportation students each year to stimulate interest in the trucking industry.

Camo-Route aCamo-Route is the sectoral labor committee for the road transport industry in Quebec, supporting the sector in its transformation through a number of initiatives such as Women truck drivers : objective 10%, which implements various strategies to attract, welcome, and retain a greater number of women in the trucking industry.  Camo-route carries out sector portraits, studies, and diagnoses to ensure that stakeholders have the right information and adopt the right strategies to drive the sector forward. 

We are privileged to be able to count on two educational institutions: the Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg (CFTC), and the Centre de formation en transport routier de Saint-Jérôme (CFTR) which train the drivers, mechanics and forklift operators of tomorrow. These flagship trades are at the heart of our industry. 

By working hand in hand with our partners, we are strengthening the trucking industry and opening up new opportunities for job seekers.

Together, we are present at career days and job fairs to get our message across as widely as possible. 

Follow the news about the Choose your way campaign and stay informed of our actions, connect with us on social networks.

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Cœur de trucker, a strategic partnership

Cœur de Trucker is a reality and adventure show where the trucking industry and the quest for love come together.

With the Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg (CFTC), and the Centre de formation en transport routier de Saint-Jérôme (CFTR), we joined forces for this foray into the world of trucking, set against the backdrop of the search for love.

Season 1 is available for viewing or re-watching. Season 2 will air in spring 2024.