Coordinator / Foreman

The transportation coordinator or foreman supervises and coordinates the work of drivers. They work for a trucking company.

Job Description

  • Supervise, coordinate and plan the activities of truck driving personnel
  • Establish work methods to meet deadlines and coordinate activities with other departments
  • Resolve work-related problems and recommend measures to improve performance
  • Order materials and supplies
  • Train workers on their tasks, safety standards and company policies
  • Recommend personnel management measures, such as hiring and promotions
  • Write reports, prepare budgets and monitor expenses

Job Characteristics

Annual salary

Between 33 280 $ and 70 720 $

Job opportunities

Given the expected trend in labor demand and the unemployment situation at the start of the period, the outlook for integration into the job market will be good.


  • Diplôme d’études professionnelles en transport par camion (615 hours), giving access to a class 1 licence
  • Transportation logistics technician

Ideal profile

  • Motivated by problem solving
  • Interest in road transport regulations
  • Knowledge of computer tools
  • Strong interest in action, dynamic environments, movement and change


  • High school graduate

    OR :
  • DEC candidates must have successfully completed Technico-sciences or Sciences naturelles
  • Secondary 5 or Math 068-526 before the second year of the program
  • Mathematics, Technico-sciences sequence (064406 or 064426) or Natural Sciences sequence (065406 or 065426) in Secondary 4
  • Mathematics, Technico-sciences sequence (064506) or Natural Sciences sequence (065506) in Secondary 5

    AND :
  • Several years’ experience as a driver may be required

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