Custom and freight brokers

Customs brokers take charge, on behalf of their customers (exporters, importers, wholesalers, manufacturing companies, etc.) or employers, of the formalities involved in clearing goods in and out of the country. This includes obtaining and preparing customs clearance documents, paying duties and taxes on goods, and forwarding the necessary documents to the appropriate government agencies. He or she informs his or her employer or customers of restrictions on importing or exporting certain goods, as well as of customs tariffs and insurance costs, in order to avoid any disputes over customs formalities.

Job description

  • Buy and sell merchandise space on behalf of individuals, companies and governments
  • Prepare documents and other forms on behalf of customers in compliance with regulations, laws and formalities including customs procedures
  • Sign documents on behalf of customers, using powers of attorney
  • Ensure payment of import duties, warehousing, transportation of goods, and temporary licensing and permits for taxable goods
  • Where applicable, advise customers of duty and customs rates for various items
  • Advise customers of import/export restrictions, tariffs, letters of credit, insurance and any other requirements
  • Represent customers, as required, before administrative tribunals or in negotiations with other government officials

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Averaging 52 000 $

Job opportunities

Considering the expected evolution of labor demand and the unemployment situation at the beginning of the period, the outlook for labor market integration is satisfactory.


  • University degree in procurement or logistics management

Ideal profile

  • Effective communicator
  • Ability to set expectations
  • Management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills


College-level vocational training in transportation logistics

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