Develops solid expertise in road transport

Whether you’re an experienced candidate, a newcomer looking for new opportunities, or an industry enthusiast, a college education offers you a path to a fulfilling career in the trucking industry.

Which training programs is right for you?

Consult the list of available training programs and find the one that best matches your aspirations and objectives.

Transportation Logistics Technical Training (DEC)

Efficiently manage the various stages of the supply chain.


DEC Freight Transport Coordinator

Optimal management of goods flows.

Advanced dispatching

Effectively plan, organize, direct and control your activities to achieve management and efficiency objectives.

Instructor - Trainer

With this training, you’ll acquire the skills you need to teach vehicle handling and mechanical operation.

You may also be interested in these programs

Work-study programs

Combine classroom learning with hands-on experience in the field by opting for the work-study program, a rewarding formula for your road transport training.

Professional training

Whether you’re looking to acquire the skills you need to stand out in the job market, reorient yourself professionally or enhance the value of your acquired experience, Choisis ta route shares with you the range of professional training courses available in the road transport sector.

University education

Explore expanded career opportunities with university courses that deepen your knowledge and skills in the transport sector.