Operations and Logistics

You play a variety of crucial roles in the effective management and coordination of operations and logistics within the organization.

Job description

As an operations/logistics professional, you’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks, from flow planning to coordinating day-to-day operations.

Careers in Operations / Logistics

Whether you choose to become an instructor trainer, a coordinator/foreman, a dispatcher or work in underwriting, your work is essential to the fluidity and productivity of the professional environment around you.

Coordinator / Foreman

Supervises and coordinates the work of drivers for a trucking company.

Training Instructor

Conducts driving courses in or out of educational institutions, including provincial government driving examiners.


Logistics manager for the movement of goods and people, with expertise in telecommunications and operational management.

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Want to take control of your life? Then get behind the wheel and take to the roads to transport the goods that are essential to our daily lives.

Management / Administration

You encounter a variety of roles crucial to the effective management and coordination of organizational operations.


You maintain, repair and ensure that equipment is in good condition to keep everyone safe on the roads.