Heavy duty vehicles mechanics

Mechanics and professionals play an essential role in inspecting, diagnosing, repairing and maintaining the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and elements of buses, light trucks and heavy road transport trucks.

Job description

    • Their expertise is exercised in various contexts, ranging from garages to representatives of businesses specializing in heavy goods vehicles and trailers, including maintenance centers, transport companies and businesses with maintenance workshops. and repair.


  • Perform maintenance on heavy vehicles
  • Diagnose defects
  • Carry out repairs including replacement of components

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Between 27 040 $ and 52 000 $

Future outlook

  • Fleet Director
  • Preventative maintenance manager
  • Responsible for guarantees

Job opportunities

  • 82.7% of graduates have a job
  • Unemployment rate in this sector of activity: 5.1%
  • Considering the expected evolution of labor demand and the unemployment situation at the start of the period, the prospects for integration into the labor market are good


  • Diploma of vocational studies in heavy duty vehicles mechanics (1,800 hours)

Ideal profile

Excellent dexterity

  • Interest in:
    • physical activity
    • the mecanic
    • problem solving electronics
    • mutual aid
  • Good computer knowledge


Hold a secondary school diploma or obtain secondary 4 credits in:

  • Education language
  • Second language
  • Mathematics

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