Advanced dispatching

Optimize your dispatching skills with Perfectionnement en répartition training: effectively plan, organize, direct and control your activities to achieve management and efficiency objectives.

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40 hours


DEC Advanced dispatching

By taking the Advanced Dispatch program, you’ll acquire the essential methods and techniques needed to effectively manage dispatch operations. The training will focus on the PODC method, helping you to plan, organize, direct and control your dispatching activities, while meeting cost, deadline and quality objectives. You’ll be able to coordinate work with crews and external customers, while ensuring optimum service levels through targeted corrective action.


The candidate must have knowledge of transport activities-movements, equipment, regulations. He/she may be :

  • junior dispatcher
  • an experienced truck driver who aspires to become a dispatcher
  • a recent graduate in transportation management and logistics
  • a transportation clerk

    Candidates must be available to do readings.
    Conditions vary from school to school. To find out what they are, consult the school websites.


  • Select courses
  • Online

This training is offered in these regions

To find out about the availability of places in this program or to fill in the application form, visit the school’s website.

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