Freight Transport Coordinator

After completing this three-year training course (DEC), you’ll be qualified to ensure optimal management of goods flows, from point of origin to point of destination.

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Duration :

3 years

Diploma :

DEC Freight Transport Coordinator (Foreman)

Once you’ve completed your training in transportation logistics, you’ll be able to perform a variety of tasks related to the movement of goods on a global scale, ensuring an efficient and well-structured environment.

Your mission will be to coordinate and optimize the company’s operations. In a context marked by free trade agreements, market globalization, economic integration, international competition, the growth of international tourism and e-commerce, companies have a growing need for logistics skills. As a result, career opportunities in this field are constantly expanding.


Possibilité d’obtenir le DEC en deux ans pour les personnes ayant déjà certains préalables.

Les conditions varient en fonction des établissements. Pour les connaître, consulte les sites web des établissements.

This training is offered in these regions

To find out about the availability of places in this program or to fill in the application form, visit the school’s website.

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