Forklift operator

This trade group includes workers who maneuver, move, load and unload materials by hand or using a variety of handling equipment. They work for transportation and warehousing companies, moving companies, as well as a range of manufacturing and processing plants, and retail and wholesale warehouses.

Job description

  • Responsible for loading and unloading trailers, handling, counting and stowing freight
  • Responsible for locating freight in warehouses, stations and yards using various types of forklift trucks

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Between 33 280 $ and 37 440 $

Future outlook

  • Transporters

  • Warehousing operators

  • Warehousing management positions

  • Short-haul drivers

Job Opportunities

Given the expected trend in demand for labor and the unemployment situation at the start of the period, prospects for integration into the labor market will be satisfactory.


Forklift operator training leading to a forklift license

Ideal profile

  • Attentive to detail
  • Concerned about safety in the workplace
  • Team player


  • Over 16 years of age

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