Storekeeper - Parts clerk

You play an essential role in the management and organization of parts and supplies, ensuring the smooth running of the facility and contributing to customer satisfaction.

Job description

  • Sorting, warehousing and shipping of parts and supplies
  • Rigorous inventory and stock management
  • Labeling and order picking
  • Optimization of logistics and delivery processes
  • Communication with customers, suppliers and internal teams
  • Use of computerized inventory management systems
  • Maintaining an efficient and balanced supply flow
  • Contribute to overall plant productivity
  • Reactivity to customer and company requests and needs

Job characteristics

Annual salary

Between 36 400 $ and 66 560 $

Job opportunities


Future outlook

  • Logistics coordinator

Ideal profile

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to process information rigorously and accurately
  • Customer focus and personalized service
  • Autonomy and sense of responsibility
  • Speed of execution and attention to detail


  • High school diploma usually required
  • A three-year apprenticeship program or specialized high school training and a one-year college program may be required for parts clerks.

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